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Audio Conferencing 2.0: Control Costs & Simplify Administration

"Audio conferencing has seen very few innovations in recent years - unless you consider complicated operations and added expenses to be significant milestones. Simply put, the industry has been stagnant. Until now. Enter HiDef Corporate, the new audio-conferencing solution. We're taking audio conferencing to an entirely new level. Built with Web-based administration and control, HiDef Corporate audio conferencing gives you crystal-clear audio plus the tools to extract maximum value from every call. Download this paper to learn how you can get more (and truly know what you are getting) from your audio-conferencing investment."

Controlling the Cost of Audio Conferencing

"Audio conferencing is a vital tool for business communication but the fees most services charge for operator-assisted calls can really add up. This Wainhouse Research application brief explores the costs of audio conferencing - specifically whether organizations consider cost to be a problem and what they're doing to control it."

Leading Virtual Effectiveness: Four Strategies for Effective Comunication

This new eBook by Camille Preston of AIM Leadership reveals 4 steps to mastering effective virtual leadership and communication and provides the tools for managing the shift to the virtual workplace.

A Day In The Life Of A US Information Worker

This new Forrester white paper provides a snapshot of a typical day in the life of a U.S. information worker. It reveals how workers are employing new technologies and applications, interacting with their teams and engaging in mobile activities.

Cut Costs and Drive Efficiency of Virtual Teams

Today, we can be virtually anywhere with a few clicks of a mouse. Of course, it's not just having the tools that counts - it's about using them effectively. Download this new research review to discover the benefits of combining Web and audio conferencing to improve team communication, reduce costs and increase efficiency.

The Employee Point of View: The Economic Downturn

This SHRM Research white paper takes a close look at how employees are responding to the recession and outlines the likely workforce trends during the economic recovery. In addition, SHRM provides simple, cost-effective strategies for retaining employees, boosting productivity and cutting operational costs.

The Business Case for Web Commuting

This new white paper explores the challenges to creating an infrastructure that supports remote workers, thus enabling an organization to accomplish its primary Web-commuting goals of reducing costs while elevating employee productivity.

Work Unchained: Workshifting and the Competitive Edge of The Anywhere Office

In this white paper, discover the competitive edge to be gained through workshifting, the biggest mistakes we make when mobilizing our workforce and how to evaluate your needs for information, communication, and collaboration to create a flexible work-style.

Leveraging GoToMyPC Corporate to Boost Productivity

In this white paper, discover how to improve overall corporate productivity by leveraging Web-based remote access such as Citrix® GoToMyPC® Corporate.

Applying Remote Support Technology for Maximum Impact

This ServiceXRG white paper explores 5 strategic applications of remote support that yield maximum benefit and how to measure their business impact.

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