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Leveraging Dell | EMC CX4 with Enterprise Flash Drives for Oracle® Database Deployments

This white paper examines the performance considerations of placing Oracle Databases on enterprise flash drives versus conventional hard disk drives, as well as discusses the best practices for placing partial database containers on flash drives.

Golden Rules: Here’s How To Buy That First Server

Independent experts have made the decision of whom to buy from an easy one.

Why Your Small Business Needs a Real Server

Enjoy the protection of having a consistent way to back up data so that critical information survives individual desktop crashes or laptop losses.

WebLogic Suite ActiveCache and Increasing ROI: A Technical Perspective

Learn more about more about the benefits of Oracle ActiveCache in this free white paper.

Making the Move: When, What, and How to Migrate from Unix to Linux

This paper discusses the migration efforts and recommended planning for a migration to Linux.

Identity and Access Management: Enabling Sarbanes-Oxley Compliance

The Sarbanes-Oxley Act of 2002 has had a profound effect on businesses. This paper offers an overview of the act and its implications, reviews the role of identity and access management (IAM) in meeting the requirements, and highlights IAM products and services available from Sun.

Top Three Reasons to Deploy a Virtual Directory

A virtual directory presents a single, consolidated view of disparate identity data to organizations dealing with diverse legacy resources as a result of ongoing growth, mergers and acquisitions, or collaboration with other organizations.

Identity and Access Management: Enabling HIPAA/HITECH Compliance

This paper explores the requirements, best practices for implementing identity management systems that help ensure compliance, and Sun's simplified approach.

CIO Viewpoints: Exchange 2007 Risks and Mitigation Strategies

This whitepaper will review the strengths of Exchange 2007 and areas where CIOs should consider third party solutions to round out the features needed to meet their organization’s email needs.

Tackling the Top Five Network Access Control Challenges

In this document we explore five common networking challenges that enterprises face-network protection, guest user access, network visibility and monitoring, application access control, and identity-based Quality of Service (QoS)-and discuss how UAC can be used to address each.

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