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Work Unchained: Workshifting and the Competitive Edge of The Anywhere Office

In this white paper, discover the competitive edge to be gained through workshifting, the biggest mistakes we make when mobilizing our workforce and how to evaluate your needs for information, communication, and collaboration to create a flexible work-style.

Leveraging GoToMyPC Corporate to Boost Productivity

In this white paper, discover how to improve overall corporate productivity by leveraging Web-based remote access such as Citrix® GoToMyPC® Corporate.

Applying Remote Support Technology for Maximum Impact

This ServiceXRG white paper explores 5 strategic applications of remote support that yield maximum benefit and how to measure their business impact.

People+Processes+Technology: Winning Formula for Customer Support

This new SupportIndustry.com white paper explores the critical relationships between people, processes and technology and provides best practices for delivering superior service and support.

"Leveraging the Web Collaboration Capabilities Within Remote Support"

This new TSIA white paper provides an overview of Web collaboration, explores how companies are utilizing its capabilities within technical support and details its business value.

The Next Frontier for Support Centers

This smith+co white paper explores the importance of the customer experience and the role of technology in creating, nurturing and strengthening customer relationships with every single interaction.

Improving First-Call Resolution with Team Collaboration Technology

This new white paper examines key challenges facing customer support organizations and explores the many advantages of collaborative remote support, including ad hoc training, faster first-contact resolution and an improved customer experience.

Driving IT Help Desk Efficiency With Customer-Centric Remote Support

IDC predicts that by 2011, 73 percent of the U.S. workforce will be mobile, inevitably increasing the pressure. That's why more companies are turning to Web-based, customer-centric remote support to support a burgeoning remote workforce.

The Help Desk Is on the Critical Path for Pandemic/Disaster Recovery

"When a workplace disruption hits, you need to act fast to ensure your employees are safe, keep them informed and maintain productivity. This new Forrester white paper explores the critical role that the help desk should play in your organization's business continuity planning."

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