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Infographic: Is Your IT Infrastructure Keeping Up?

True Converged infrastructure can cut datacenter costs in half. It's just one of the compelling reasons IT organizations are adopting converged infrastructures at a rapid pace. Discover many other quantifiable benefits in this new Infographic.

Implementing Energy Efficient Data Centers

This paper explains how to quantify the electricity savings and provides examples of methods that can greatly reduce electrical power consumption.

Virtualization and Cloud Computing: Optimized Power, Cooling, and Management Maximizes Benefits

The effects that the cloud and virtualization have on the data center are discussed and possible solutions or methods for dealing with them are offered.

Comparing Data Center Power Distribution Architectures

Significant improvements in have been achieved in data center power distribution, increasing the options available for data centers. This paper compares five power distribution approaches and describes their advantages and disadvantages.

Implementing Hot and Cold Air Containment in Existing Data Centers

This paper investigates the constraints, reviews all available containment methods, and provides recommendations for determining the best containment approach.

Datacenter eGuide

Read on to learn what technologies are essential for high-performing data centers today, and to get a glimpse of what the data center of tomorrow may look like.

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