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Top 10 Managed Hosting And Hosted Cloud Best Practices

Managed hosting has joined private hosted cloud as a principal enabler for workloads that customers want to see under tighter control than is possible in public cloud models. We list 10 best practices to help customers succeed using both models.

Which Managed Hosting And Private Hosted Cloud Option Is Right For You?

Navigating the cloud options available isn't easy. While older and traditional models are more familiar, the newer emerging models that sit between multitenancy and complete dedication aren't clearly defined in today's market.

Market State of Managed Hosting And Private Hosted Cloud

Forrester Consulting evaluates the current state of hosted private and managed services markets.

Making Cloud Part of Your Storage & Data Strategy

Advanced storage and networking technologies makes it possible for IT organizations to take advantage of cloud-based IT services without sacrificing data integrity, security or app performance.

Top 5 Reasons to Turn to the Cloud for Website Availability & Protection

One of the best ways to bolster DNS security is to deploy a cloud-based DNS infrastructure. This eGuide will review cyber threats to DNS and identify five top reasons on selecting a managed DNS service provider.

IBM SmartCloud Solutions: Software as a Service

IBM SmartCloud Solutions enables organizations to execute business processes, analytics and applications as a service, and then realize cloud benefits by accelerating the time to market of these solutions and the transformation they bring.

Applying social business: The repeatable patterns that improve business processes and provide return

Infographic explaining the new capabilities in technology and business practices can help organizations adapt to marketplace dynamics. Social business can be combined with mobility and cloud to enable organizations to innovate and execute faster.

IBM SmartCloud for Social Business Mobility

Combining the power of cloud computing with the freedom and functionality of mobile devices can give enterprises access to a wide range of key benefits, including increased reliability, real-time updates and more...

Best Practices for Security and Compliance with Amazon Web Services

This paper will discuss what part of the shared responsibility equation customers are responsible for and what some of the recommended security practices are that can help create a secure cloud-computing environment.

State of Cloud Security Report

In a relatively short time, cloud computing, specifically Infrastructure-as a-Service, has shifted from a new but unproven approach to an accepted, even inevitable, model.

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