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Are You Prepared for a Software Audit?

Just the word "audit" is enough to make anyone shiver, and when it comes to a software audit, the reaction is no different. A software publisher can exercise its rights to conduct a software audit to check that a customer is using its products

Top Network Optimization Projects for 2014

Network-related initiatives are on the rise, and for good reason. Network optimization delivers improvements across the entire organization -- regardless of size.

Mobile Expense Management--Picking up the Money on the Ground

Integrating and managing mobility expenses across multiple carriers can generate savings and improve organizational decision making.

Mobile Policy Checklist

Here's what to consider when putting together a mobile policy designed to support a highly productive workforce.

Going Beyond APM with Real-Time IT Operations Analytics

This white paper explains how IT organizations can harness the wealth of wire data flowing through their environments for real-time IT operational intelligence. Read the whitepaper to learn more.

Four Ways to Modernize Your Application Performance Monitoring Strategy for Web 2.0 and AJAX

Learn how Web 2.0 technologies can increase the speed and efficiency of Web applications, while uniquely combining the best of traditional and modern approaches to deliver a well-rounded application performance monitoring (APM) solution.

CIO's View of Application Performance Management

Download Dell's Market Insight report, CIO's View of Application Performance Management, and learn how APM technologies boost productivity, detect performance issues early and reduce time to market.

Positioning the CIO as a Powerful Business Partner

The IT environment of today is simply too complex to rely on outmoded ways to keep the organization functioning and thriving flawlessly. A CIO must be a true business partner, someone who can not only drive out costs from day-to-day operations, but strategically manage IT to enhance revenue and profits.
In this informative whitepaper from Oracle, learn about a new approach to IT governance that will transform the CIO's role and the role IT plays in the organization. No longer just a service provider, the CIO becomes a powerful business executive who skillfully maneuvers a portfolio of assets that achieve measurable growth in revenue and profits.

In this informative whitepaper learn how you can:
* Become a visionary portfolio manager who skillfully controls three major asset classes: applications, intellectual capital, and financial capital.
* Transform IT into a streamlined revenue and profit center.
* Implement an IT governance process that will reduce costs, maximize resources, and make the IT portfolio a central component in an enterprise investment portfolio that is the key to sustainable business success.

A Strategy for Governing IT Projects

Making the right IT investment decisions is both critical and challenging. Are you constantly being asked to "service the gap" between where the enterprise currently is and where it wants or needs to go? Today overseeing a mix of technologies, and in many cases, disparate IT organizations, is the norm and adds complexity. How can you help ensure that only the projects that provide the highest value to the business actually get implemented, even across such a diverse technology landscape?

Learn an effective step-by step planto ensure success and gain a powerful competitive advantage:
* Understand the benefits and challenges of implementing an IT governance solution.
* Make the right IT investment decisions that align with strategic business goals
* Reduce costs and maximize resources.
* Improve processes and collaboration across the enterprise.

Benefits of Application Rationalization: Reduce Costs and Improve Service with a Systematic Approach

At one time, it was enough for an organization to review its portfolio of applications as an isolated event in response to a critical issue such as noncompliance, a merger or acquisition, or a budget crisis. However, such a model in these economic times leads to billions of dollars in lost advantage and efficiency, and exposes organizations to security and business risks.

As the on again, off again economic recovery continues, organizations are continuing to keep a sharp focus on reducing costs in order to fuel investment in innovation. Yet they are continuing to rely on out-dated application and technologies jeopardizing their two- pronged approach to delivering enterprise value. One of the key drivers of improved efficiency and streamlining the business is application rationalization.

In this whitepaper, learn about the benefits and challenges of getting an application rationalization effort started and implementing a strategic plan to quickly demonstrate results:

* Effectively plan and control all types of business or technology investments-deploying objective, auditable processes and metrics, while facilitating collaboration among all stakeholders.
* Rationalize current spending and quickly identify where investments are paying off-or are not paying off
* Optimize support for the business.
* Provide ongoing governance to get the highest possible return on investment

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