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The New IT

Explore enhanced productivity for IT staff, and seamless integration across IT operation management systems. Download now.

Cloud Benefits for the IT Service Management Market

Analysts predict that soon, half of all new IT service desk tools will be adopted as cloud-based services.

Meeting the Exploding Demand for New IT Services

 In this eBook, explore the top trends driving the New IT for IT Service Management, and how leading organizations are evolving to focus on end-user experience.

Hybrid IT-A Low-Risk Path from On-Premise to ITaaS

This white paper provides a strategy to move part or all of your ITSM suite to the cloud as a stepping stone to ITaaS.

eBook: SaaS Study

This paper showcases a global IBM survey of senior decision makers whose organizations have implemented SaaS. Among survey respondents, the Pacesetters are experiencing new, broader benefits resulting in powerful competitive advantage.

Cloud Encryption Cheat Sheet

This 2-page cheat sheet provides an overview of the functionality and strength of cloud encryption schemes including searchable encryption, format preserving encryption, and homomorphic encryption, so you can choose the right one for your use case.

CIO's Guide to Managing Cloud Adoption & Risk

Move to the cloud and create real business value without introducing risk. This guide includes a 3-part program for integrating cloud into IT programs and tools for partnering with LOB on cloud initiatives.

Embracing SaaS: A Blueprint for IT Success

This eBook outlines compelling approaches for CIOs to establish and lead a defined software-as-a-service (SaaS) strategy for their companies in order to meet line-of-business (LoB) needs for innovation and agility.

An Executive Point of View: Transforming your Business with Software as a Service

Read this eBook to find out how software as a service (SaaS) can transform your business into a more competitive, customer-centric organization.

Connecting People with Collaborative Business Networks Through SaaS

Becoming a "social business" can transform your operations, improving collaboration, responsiveness and business processes. CEOs are prioritizing this transformation and adoption of new technologies.

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