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The Benefits of Automated Log Management

This paper discusses the challenges associated with effective log management and enables you to better define best practices and requirements for log management projects, as well as log management and review solutions.

Alert Logic for PCI DSS Compliance

To achieve PCI DSS compliance, you must identify and remediate all critical vulnerabilities detected during PCI scans. Threat Manager streamlines this process by providing simple, actionable reports that detail vulnerabilities and recommendations.

Hardware Test Equipment is the Key to Accurate Network Testing

Surprisingly, many organizations are not adequately testing their networks. Network testing is crucial for any IT organization that wants to ensure availability, security and performance of applications and services running on their networks.

HP HAVEn: See the big picture in Big Data

HP HAVEn is the industry's first comprehensive, scalable, open, and secure platform for Big Data. Enterprises are drowning in a sea of data and need a trusted partner to help them. HP HAVEn has two primary components: a platform and an ecosystem.

Box beats Dropbox - and all the rest - for business

Box trumps Dropbox, Engyte, Citrix ShareFile, EMC Syncplicity, and OwnCloud with rich mix of file sync, file sharing, user management, deep reporting and enterprise integration. Learn more in this article from InfoWorld.

The Changing Face of Collaboration in the Enterprise

The importance of having enterprise content anywhere is the main focus of this article. Along with this, having an API-based environment with collaborative applications can add a lot to productivity.

The value of smarter oil and gas fields

With global energy requirements continuing to rise, the exploration, development and production of new oil and gas resources are shifting to increasingly challenging sites. Meanwhile, regulations continue to tighten worldwide.

Smarter Environmental Analytics Solutions: Offshore Oil and Gas Installations Example

This IBM Redbooks® Solution Guide describes a solution for implementing smarter environmental monitoring and analytics for oil and gas industries. The solution implements real-time monitoring of environmental data to facilitate

Piecing Together the Business Intelligence Puzzle

Business intelligence (BI) technology collects and analyzes company data, delivering relevant information to corporate decision-makers in an effort to produce favorable outcomes.

Harness IT -- An Introduction to Business Intelligence Solutions

Learn the key selection criteria required to provide your organization with the capability to address structured data, unstructured data and mobile demands so that employees can view and manipulate data on their own, from virtually any location.

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