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Maximizing Uptime for Mission-Critical File Transfers: Availability and Scalability for Managed File Transfer

This whitepaper provides guidance on common high-availability and scale-out deployment architectures, and discusses the factors to consider for your specific business environment.

EFT Server to Replace USB for SCADA; EFT Server Enterprise Helps to Reduce Risks through Multi-Zone Architecture

This whitepaper explains that USB drives have been used to transport viruses and malware, both on purpose and accidentally.

Users want Mobile File Access. IT Managers want Control.

This whitepaper examines the way in which enterprise mobility has both increased employee productivity and decreased the security of corporate networks.

Bridging Channels Strengthens Customer Relationships

Customers use multiple channels to interact with the companies they do business with.

Infographic: Deliver Big on the Customer Experience

This new Infographic details the benefits of a multi-channel marketing solution.

Infographic: Maximizing Audience Engagement

When it comes to online video, the 2-second rule prevails. Viewers start abandoning a video that takes more than 2 seconds to begin playing. After more than a 10-second delay, more than half of the audience leaves.

10 Key Considerations for a Successful Online Video Strategy

Download this paper now to understand the top ten considerations for a successful online video strategy.

Analytics Trends 2013: The IT Perspective by Aberdeen Group

The results of Aberdeen Group's 2013 Business Analytics surveys examine the shifting challenges IT professionals face as they harness an ever-deepening pool of data for analysis.

Best Practices: Maximize Your Chances Of Business Intelligence Success

Forrester Research summarizes the most important ingredients that contribute to BI success, and the most typical pitfalls that can derail BI projects - and how to avoid them.

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