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Unlocking the Promise of Demand Sensing and Shaping through Big Data Analytics

Many organizations have limited insight into big data. These limitations have significant opportunity costs and can have a negative effect on identifying and understanding customer demand patterns and related supply constraints.

Using Multitiered Casual Analysis to Optimize Marketing Strategy

This case study shows how one beverage manufacturer employed a seven-step process to improve its demand forecasts and improve its marketing strategy. Read this whitepaper to learn more.

How Dell Optimizes Marketing Decision Making

Using fictional data, two analysts from Dell's corporate marketing group explained how data and marketing analytics helped them examine the question: "Was the campaign successful?" in depth. Download this whitepaper to learn more.

Technology Trends Manufacturers Can't Ignore

The Unique Opportunity for Manufacturers to Better Understand their Consumers

Visualize Your Data with In-memory Processing

In-memory processing makes it possible to quickly explore all your data in minutes or even seconds, to identify patterns, trends and relationships that were not evident before. Learn more.

Finance - Interactive eGuide

In this e-Guide, Computerworld, IDG News Service and IT World examine software-defined data centers, customer experience tools, and security issues that are top of mind for financial services companies today.

Infographic: Embracing SaaS in Merchandising

Retail merchants are embracing Software as a Service and cloud solutions to optimize price, promotion, and assortment decisions driving revenue, profit and customer loyalty.

Anti-Evasion: Why It's a Critical Component of Intrusion Prevention Systems

Sophisticated exploits that utilize advanced evasion techniques are all too common. Decoding and normalizing traffic across the network to detect and combat these attacks is critical for your network security plan.

Anatomy Of A CyberAttack

As the number and severity of cyber-crimes continues to grow, it's important to understand the steps cyber-criminals take to attack your network, the types of malware they use, and the tools you need to stop them.

Infographic: How SaaS is Fueling Powerful Competitive Advantage

This graphic highlights key points from a global IBM survey of senior decision makers whose organizations have implemented SaaS.

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