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APIs, Mobile Apps, and the Enterprise: Teaming Up for Better Consumer Health

Learn about various ways that business and health organizations are using APIs to provide better patient and consumer experiences.

Extend Your Brand and Business with Mobile Applications Powered by API Solutions

Decision makers responsible for mobile strategies are looking for more ways to sell products and services, engage and serve customers, and market via today's hot mobile channel.

IHE and Intel®: Delivering a Foundation for Interoperable Health Information Exchange

Despite the growing prevalence of electronic medical records in healthcare facilities throughout the country, coordination of care among institutions can still be a nightmare. Individual systems are rarely interoperable.

USA TODAY on Tomorrow's Device with Mobile APIs

USA TODAY uses its Intel® Services-powered APIs to speed app deployment and drive new partnerships, resulting in top-rated news apps on devices from the iPad to the Kindle Fire. Learn more about the success of the company's API program.

The ABCs of 802.11ac

Get ready for 802.11ac with this primer: The ABCs of 802.11ac. Don't know what MU- MIMO is? Wondering how many waves the 11ac rollout will take? We've got you covered with everything you need to know about 802.11ac Wi-Fi and 11ac network design.

The Bot Threat

Download this whitepaper and learn how bots work and how, by adopting the right strategy, you can use a defense-in-depth strategy to effectively prevent direct attacks against your critical systems.

The 2014 Next Generation Firewall Challenge

The Target security breach and discovery of the "Heartbleed" vulnerability in web encryption software taught us some important lessons about enterprise security.

Building a Better Network Strategy

Today's mobile workforce and the use of personal smartphones, laptops, and tablets for company work introduce new potential problems to guard against. And hackers are not sitting still. Learn More>>

8 Ways To Better Monitor Network Security Threats in the Age of BYOD

The age of BYOD is here, and with a myriad of threats and challenges so broad that some have dubbed the phenomenon "Bring Your Own Disaster." Read this white paper to learn more.

Big Security for Big Data

In order to meet current security problems, a new paradigm shift needs to occur. Businesses need the ability to secure data, collect it, and aggregate into an intelligent format. This white paper will give you the information you need to get started.

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