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Customer Case Study: Accelerate Incident Response with Rich Historical Data

A global telecom services company found themselves continuously under cyber attack by a persistent set of adversaries. As they began to investigate a specific set of intrusions, they realized they needed to expand their security infrastructure.

Rebranded Quadmark revamps its IT solutions with Google Apps

Switching to Google Apps halved Quadmark's IT admin costs while achieving 10% time savings per employee. The global consulting firm now spends 80% less time training new hires on email and collaboration tools.

Study: Total Economic Impact of Google Apps

Employees can work faster and IT spending can decrease when companies switch to Google Apps, says a commissioned study by Forrester Consulting. Going Google can make teams 20% more efficient and yields an estimated ROI of 329%.

Break Down Barriers and Reduce Cycle Times with DevOps

Learn why and how many successful companies have changed how they deliver software by dismantling the traditional silos that stifle collaboration and progress.

Go from Analysis to Action on your Desktop: IBM Cognos Insight guides business analysts to faster, better outcomes

This paper explores how IBM Cognos® Insight, a breakthrough personal analytics tool, enables business managers to improve performance within their functional areas.

Geeknet: Business Analytics for Midsize Businesses: Challenges and Benefits

Business intelligence derived from sophisticated analytics can make midsize businesses be more competitive, make information--‐based decisions faster and better, improves operational efficiencies, and boosts the bottom line.

3 capabilities to fuel today's dynamic planning and forecasting

IBM Cognos software allows businesses to analyze performance, model business strategies and processes, and contribute to a common set of business objectives.

The Big Data Zoo-Taming the Beasts

According to Dr. Devlin's white paper "The Big Data Zoo-Taming the Beasts", data is still data, whether big or small. It needs to be managed effectively if organizations want to be gain value from it.

Enabling the Mobile Workforce

With the consumerization of mobility, employees expect mobile technology and a user experience comparable to their everyday personal mobile use. Providing the level of support needed for workforce mobility can be challenging, complex and costly.

2014 Gartner Magic Quadrant Report

Reducing the bandwidth required to transfer WAN traffic by compressing, deduplicating or caching content

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