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Virtualizing Business-Critical Applications on VMware vSphere

Business agility depends on IT agility, and VMware vSphere enables IT to deliver. By standardizing on the vSphere internal cloud to virtualize 100 percent of your applications, you can reduce capital and operational costs by 50 percent, while providing a more dynamic platform for applications that streamlines the entire "build-run-manage" application cycle. While virtualizing business-critical applications presents some unique challenges, the main legacy concerns around virtualization-specifically performance and ISV support-are a thing of the past. Application performance has improved steadily with multiple product generations, and with VMware vSphere, there is practically no application that cannot be virtualized from a performance standpoint. Run your business-critical applications, including Exchange, SQL, SAP, and Oracle, on VMware vSphere with breakthrough performance and outstanding reliability.

On-premise e-Mail Archiving: Are You Ready for Optimized Exchange Migration?

Despite what you've heard, not everything is moving to the cloud. For example, BY 2014, 72% OF THE EXPECTED 470 MILLION EXCHANGE SERVER MAILBOXES worldwide WILL REMAIN ON-PREMISE. Download this exclusive tech dossier from Iron Mountain to learn why on-premise archiving can be the right choice for your Microsoft Exchange-hosted e-mail environment.

drugstore.com Customer Experience Case Study

drugstore.com is on a mission to reduce their service overhead while building a brand known for uncommonly superior customer experiences. Download this case study to learn how they do it.

Overstock.com Customer Experience Case Study

Overstock.com is slashing service overhead while drastically improving the quality of their service. Download this case study to learn how they do it.

Voice of Customer 2.0: Social, Agile and Integrated

Online communities, blogs and networking sites are transforming business just as the Internet did a decade ago. Download this paper and get a perspective on the growth of social interactions in business.

The Four Customer Experience Core Competencies

How customer-centric is your organization? Find out with the self-assessment tool included in this report. Then learn how to leverage the four customer experience competencies you'll need to build and sustain brand differentiation.

A Guide to Better Business Smarts

This expert guide from CIO, Computerworld, InfoWorld and Network World provide an overview of recent BI trends and how to leverage its most powerful features.

Systems development in the twenty-first century: delivering business value by connecting people, processes and tools

The complexity of smarter products—which comprise an interconnected network of systems, software and hardware—makes development projects more complex and presents management and quality challenges. Poorly managed projects can decimate budgets and schedules, and poor-quality products can diminish brand equity and ruin customer confidence and relationships with those customers.

Delivering smarter, better products faster---with reduced cost and risk

Producing smarter products and systems can be challenging. IBM offers a comprehensive solution that can help you improve the quality of your systems while helping reduce your cost and risk.

Smarter Products: The Building Blocks for a Smarter Planet

As a way to differentiate their offerings and optimize business returns, manufacturers across all industries are delivering a new generation of “smarter products".

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