White Papers by Topic: Application testing

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Four Ways to Modernize Your Application Performance Monitoring Strategy for Web 2.0 and AJAX

Learn how Web 2.0 technologies can increase the speed and efficiency of Web applications, while uniquely combining the best of traditional and modern approaches to deliver a well-rounded application performance monitoring (APM) solution.

Best Practices: Application Performance Management – Java and .NET

In this fourth and final part of the APM series, learn about Java and .NET application performance management, performance management instrumentation and effective APM methodologies in Java and .NET environments.

eNode B Wraparound Testing: A Comprehensive Guide

This white paper discusses the process of testing the eNode B elements of an LTE deployment, including Ixia’s available test solutions.

Oracle Real Application Testing 11g Release 2

This white paper discusses how Real Application Testing — with Oracle Database 11g Release 2 — allows businesses to quickly adopt new technologies while eliminating the risks associated with change.

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