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Gartner Magic Quadrant for Application Security

The market for application security testing is changing rapidly. Technology trends, such as mobile applications, advanced Web applications and dynamic languages, are forcing the need to combine dynamic and static testing capabilities.

Five Steps to Achieve Success in your Application Security Program

This white paper provides a general framework your organization can use to create or build upon an application security program. It includes guidelines that can be useful at different stages of your security program's maturity.

Mainstay ROI - Does Application Security Pay?

Does Application Security Pay? Actually, it does! Mainstay reviewed the Software Security Assurance solutions of 17 organizations and found financial benefits as high as $2.4M from efficiency and productivity improvements.

SANS - Survey on Application Security Programs

How do your peers secure their mobile apps? The SANS Institute surveyed 488 respondents on the state of their application security programs and practices. Download this report to learn more.

SANS - Securing Web Applications Made Simple and Scalable

Check out this whitepaper to learn how automated security testing can provide a simple and scalable way to protect your web applications.

Designing a defense for mobile apps

Mobile apps may be a threat, but they don't have to be. Download this whitepaper to review the various considerations for defending mobile applications.

Infographic: HP Global 2000 Mobile Risk Report

Download this info-graphic for an overview of applications vulnerable to attack, as well as the most common and easily addressable vulnerability errors.

HP Global 2000 Mobile Risk Report

Download this report to see the alarming realities regarding the sheer number of applications vulnerable to attack, as well as the most common and easily addressable vulnerability errors.

HP ArcSight ESM Solution Helps Finansbank to Combat Fraud and Increase Customer Satisfaction

In this report, learn how one organization was able to use HP ArcSight ESM to reduce false positives by 90% and the time to resolve flagged transactions by 80%.

Prevent Zero Day Attack with Application Whitelisting

Learn how this US Military Command Center's cyber attack exercise can get your security plan in shape. During a recent exercise, this US military command center discovered serious vulnerabilities in their existing security solutions. Despite being on high alert, personnel accidentally introduced malware that immediately broke through all their layers of defense - except one: Bit9 Parity's Application Whitelisting.

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