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Supporting Your Mobile Workforce - Infographic

IT organizations are inundated with the support issues and headaches that accompany supporting a mobile workforce. This Infographic highlights the impact mobile users and their devices are having on the Help Desk.

Your Pathway to Mobile Nirvana - Infographic

Managing and securing the mobility mega-movement is having a major impact on IT resources and budgets. This Infographic applies Lean Six Sigma to show how organizations can achieve the highest volume and quality of mobile management support at the lowest possible cost - essentially a mobile nirvana.

Infographic: Converged Infrastructure Benefits

In order to meet fast-evolving business needs, many IT leaders are turning to converged infrastructure systems. This Infographic quantifies the savings organizations are realizing from increased deployment speed, higher availability, and lower annual costs.

Do You Really Need Flash?

Storage vendors are touting their flash / hybrid storage solutions as the panacea to storage problems. But not all environments will benefit equally. Read this Storage Switzerland report on how storage architects can justify flash investments based on real I/O analysis and avoid over-provisioning.

Go Daddy: Best Practices on Validating Storage Performance

Learn how Go Daddy accelerated new storage technology adoption, decreased risk by ensuring SLAs, and reduced costs by 50% for their 30 PBs of hosting data. The new storage validation process empowers Go Daddy with the insight they need to optimize both service delivery and vendor selection.

10 Reasons to Use Storage Performance Validation Processes

From determining the best flash / SSD deployment strategy to ensuring a smooth private cloud migration, storage architects have a better way to assure performance and optimize costs for their future storage products. Read this info brief on the top 10 reasons to adopt storage workload modeling.

Going Paperless? Here's What You Need to Think About

As makers of some of the world's most popular Portable Document Format (PDF) solutions, we often consult with businesses and governmental agencies that have the goal of moving to the paperless office. They understand the benefits. What they don't always know is how to get there.

Delight & Engage Customers with Mobile APIs

Read this success story and learn how a robust API and secure API Management powered Keep's iOS app to become one of the most popular apps in the Lifestyle category in the iTunes App Store.

APIs Drive Opportunity Explosion

Learn how leading UK retailer, Argos, increased sales by via mobile apps by 125% by leveraging a robust API management platform.

APIs Enable Nutritional Powerhouse

Learn how a young and vibrant startup, FoodEssentials has been able to perform on par with big-name enterprises in the health space via a solid API platform, marketing its API as a product, and effective developer engagement.

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