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How UMass Dartmouth Implemented a 24/7 Balanced Network

UMass Dartmouth needed to balance the academic and social needs of its diverse student body with the learning applications its faculty requires to provide a high quality curriculum, and the applications the administration deems critical to maintain university operations.

How MLB Network Brought Utilization from 98% down to 60%

With an ever-increasing number of users during the Major League Baseball season transferring everything from video to statistics, MLB Network required a solution that would ensure traffic overloads would not adversely affect the delivery of business critical applications.

How the Detroit Tigers Solved Network Bandwidth Slowdowns

The Detroit Tigers baseball organization is the oldest continuous one-name, one-city franchise in the American League. The Tigers play 81 regular-season games at Comerica Park, where there broadcast media can put a major strain on the network. Learn how the Tigers solved network connectivity issues when...

5 Tips to Prevent BYOD Pitfalls

Perhaps more than any other networking topic "bring your own device" (BYOD) captured our collective attention in 2013. For many IT networking professionals, BYOD almost seemed to become white noise in the background as every day another email, report or webinar popped up with commentary on the...

Data Visualization Techniques: From Basics to Big Data with SAS Visual Analytics

Regardless of how much data an organization has, creating visuals of data will deliver the most meaningful analysis. This paper discusses some of the basic issues concerning data visualization, from data size and column composition, to solving unique challenges presented by big data.

The Ultimate Guide to Troubleshooting Network Problems

Today's network is more complex than ever. As more devices, applications, locations and users generate unprecedented levels of network activity, new performance issues emerge, and it's more difficult to solve them quickly. To ensure a reliable user experience, you need to resolve network issues...

Best Practices to Reduce WAN Costs by up to 40%

How much are you investing to manage your network? And are those investments delivering real value? For most organizations, wide area networks (WAN) are considered a necessary evil and make up the most significant network spend. Download our whitepaper on best practices to reduce WAN costs while solving...

Together at Last: BYOD and Solid Security

Employees want to use their own mobile devices, which is often met with IT resistance. But there's no need for conflict! Read this whitepaper - Give All the People What They Want (Safely) - to learn how you can give employees the freedom to BYOD, while still providing rock-solid enterprise security.

Managing Exchange in a Post-PC World

A successful mobile deployment using ActiveSync depends on giving users a reliable, stable sync experience. But if any of the many moving parts in the EAS data path fail or degrade, the experience will suffer. Get ahead of EAS challenges by providing reliable mobile service.Download the managing EAS...

10 Tips for Successful BYOD

No longer is BYOD a disconnected project with a handful of users... In fact, it's becoming an industry standard. BYOD can deliver improved user productivity, engagement and satisfaction, not to mention cost savings. Get the top 10 best practices for the successful implementation of a BYOD program.

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