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University of San Diego Advances Academic Excellence with Vblock™

This case study highlights how Vblock System enabled them to speed the rollout of new infrastructure by 75% while reducing IT implementation costs by 50%.

Plains Midstream Canada Fast Forwards Integration of Acquired Assets

Learn how one oil and gas company leveraged VCE Vblock™ Systems to transform IT into an agile organization that was able to quickly on-board applications and speed deployment of new services without expanding its data center footprint.

Lessons Learned from Virtualizing JD Edwards

This case study describes how Vblock™ provided the business agility this global company required while dramatically reducing data center space requirements and power costs.

Swiss Nuclear Power Plant Improves Business Continuity

This case study explains why KKL chose VCE VblockTM Systems, how they configured the system, and how they were able to transform their twin data centers to ensure a highly-available, resilient operation in just two months.

Hunter Fan Prepares for Business Growth with Vblock™

Hunter Fan turned to Vblock™ Systems, which enabled them to improve performance of BI applications by 40%, increase storage capacity from 10TB to 70TB, and complete their data analysis in a third of the time.

Vblock™ Specialized System for High Performance Databases

Learn how Vblock™ Specialized Systems have been designed to deliver high performance in the millions of IOPS - with millisecond response times.

Oracle EBS and RAC Performance & Elasticity on Vblock™ Systems

VCE Vblock™ Systems provide simple, low-risk solutions for migrating from a physical to virtual environment.

Backup and Recovery of Oracle EBS on VCE Vblock™ Systems

This solution architecture describes the key features and benefits of backup and recovery in the virtualized Oracle EBS on Vblock Systems with EMC Avamar.

Infographic: Is Your IT Infrastructure Keeping Up?

True Converged infrastructure can cut datacenter costs in half. It's just one of the compelling reasons IT organizations are adopting converged infrastructures at a rapid pace. Discover many other quantifiable benefits in this new Infographic.

IDC Whitepaper: Convergence with Vblock Systems: A Value Measurement

Converged infrastructures speed deployments, simplify operations, improve agility, save money and more. This IDC report explains how to quantify the benefits of a converged infrastructure and takes an in-depth look at VCE VblockTM Systems.

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