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Reference Architecture: How to Build a Hybrid Multi-Cloud

This white paper describes how to set up not just a simple private cloud, but a 'cloud of clouds' or 'multi-cloud', which is a computing environment that itself consists of separate virtual data centers or individual computing clouds (which could be internal or external/public) - all of which need to be managed as part of a larger environment.

Private Cloud ROI Study: Corus AEG

This ROI case study quantifies the benefits of a private cloud based on Intel® Xeon® 5500 processors and Univa cloud software. Results include: 32% improvement in application performance; 57% hardware reduction; 10x bandwidth improvement; 65% power savings; 30% app license savings; and much more.

Virtualization Benchmark Study

This study analyzes results from running 5 user applications and 9 lab benchmarks in a Univa-Intel private cloud environment. The startling results show minimal application slowdown with several CPU and memory intensive applications actually running faster in a VM environment.

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