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Data Visualization Techniques: From Basics to Big Data with SAS Visual Analytics

This paper discusses some of the basic issues concerning data visualization, from data size and column composition, to solving unique challenges presented by big data.

Data Evolution: Data Management Supersedes DI Toolbox

To address the emerging issues around managing, governing and utilizing data, organizations have been acquiring quite a toolbox of data integration tools and technologies over the past five to 10 years.

Bringing the Power to SAS to Hadoop

Discover how SAS both simplifies and augments Hadoop to enable customers to combine world-class analytics with a strong distributed processing and commodity-based storage infrastructure.

Best Practices in SAS Data Management for Big Data

Big data trends and related technologies are becoming important to organizations of all types and sizes. This paper introduces the most important technologies in this area and discusses the ways in which SAS Data Management can help.

Understanding Big Data Quality for Maximum Information Usability

In this paper we examine some of the challenges presented by managing the quality and governance of big data, and how those can be balanced with the need to deliver usable analytical results.

Roles and Responsibilities in Data Management for Big Data

How do we plan for an information technology future that is increasingly decentralized and augmented by new technologies and value-add service providers? The contents of this eBook tackle different angles of the equation.

Unlocking the Promise of Demand Sensing and Shaping through Big Data Analytics

Many organizations have limited insight into big data. These limitations have significant opportunity costs and can have a negative effect on identifying and understanding customer demand patterns and related supply constraints.

Using Multitiered Casual Analysis to Optimize Marketing Strategy

This case study shows how one beverage manufacturer employed a seven-step process to improve its demand forecasts and improve its marketing strategy. Read this whitepaper to learn more.

How Dell Optimizes Marketing Decision Making

Using fictional data, two analysts from Dell's corporate marketing group explained how data and marketing analytics helped them examine the question: "Was the campaign successful?" in depth. Download this whitepaper to learn more.

Technology Trends Manufacturers Can't Ignore

The Unique Opportunity for Manufacturers to Better Understand their Consumers

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