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Siemens Redefines Efficiency with Pure Storage

Learn how Siemens implemented a new virtualization solution with 6.7-to-1 data reduction and 23% performance gains.

How Flash Storage Changes Everything

Pure Storage set out with a simple mission: to create a purpose-built storage array that overcomes these barriers. The result is the Pure Storage FlashArray and its tightly-coupled software, the Purity Operating Environment.

Using All-Flash Arrays to Solve Tier-1 Database Problems

Moving to an all-flash architecture for your database affords immediate and obvious performance benefits, but also introduces a whole host of operational benefits.

San Jose Sharks Score Big With Pure Storage

Find out how the San Jose Sharks minimized latency and data deduplication rates up to 12:1 for VDI deployment.

Gartner 2013 Cool Vendor Report with Flash for All - Competitive Differentiation with Flash Storage

Learn how every business can improve efficiency, compete better, and deliver compelling user experiences with flash. You'll also gain access to Gartner's 2013 Cool Vendor Report.

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