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eBook: Enterprise Management Flyover

"What are the key trends driving IT management?" This eBook provides the answers with in-depth articles on how organizations are driving down costs, reducing risks and increasing quality of service and agility.

Application Grid: Foundation for SOA, Standardization, and Speed

Application grid is an architecture for enterprise middleware that pools, shares, and dynamically allocates resources to achieve greater operational efficiency, performance, and flexibility.

State of the Market: Microsoft SharePoint

This paper sheds light on the reality of SharePoint adoption and practice within the enterprise.

Enterprise Portal Rationalization: Using a Service-Oriented Architecture to Stop Web Asset Sprawl

Many IT organizations today are struggling under the burden of Web sprawl. Many IT managers find it impossible to get a panoptic view of what is going on in the business, and struggle to meet the ever-more-quickly evolving needs of customers, partners, and employees.

Simplifying the Data Center with Hyper-V™ and Dell

Microsoft® Windows Server® 2008 with Hyper-V™ offers virtualization capabilities that can help IT organizations simplify their data center and streamline the IT infrastructure.

Nucleus Report: Who's ready for SMB?

With Oracle and SAP ramping up their efforts to attract midsize businesses to their enterprise applications, many have wondered: canthey deliver successful deployments to smaller customers? In this new Whitepaper, learn more about the enterprise applications Oracle and SAP offer, and how they can save the SMB time and money. Sponsored by Oracle

Social Enterprise Applications and Knowledge Worker Productivity

The next generation of collaborative work will be defined by the shift from information handling to interaction management, or socialization. Read this Whitepaper to learn how Oracle WebCenter Suite can help your organization take advantage of the power of your employee’s collective knowledge.

Web 2.0 for the Enterprise: Setting the Foundation for Success

Traditional ways of addressing business challenges overlook a rich resource—employees. Read this Whitepaper to find out how Collaborative Web 2.0 technologies enable enterprises to foster employees’ critical thinking and creativity while providing a platform to capitalize on their innovations for product and process improvement.

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