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Enabling Agile and Intelligent Businesses

Oracle SOA Suite 11g is a significant step forward toward empowering enterprises across the chasm to the next generation business applications that is powered by a platform delivering rapid composition, comprehensive lifecycle management, customizability, and easy upgrades.

SOA Maturity Model: Guiding and Accelerating SOA Success

This paper outlines the Oracle SOA Maturity Model and explains how the model is used to accelerate SOA adoption by identifying specific capabilities that are either completely lacking or which are lagging with respect to the other capabilities necessary for successful SOA adoption.

Increasing ROI with Data Services

This white paper will address data services implementation and the role of Oracle Data Service Integrator in that process.

Unlocking the Mainframe: Modernizing Legacy System to SOA

Discover how successful execution of an SOA strategy, combined with the release of the business value contained in legacy systems, can bring five proven benefits to the enterprise.

Enhance Customer Loyalty through Higher Responsiveness

The economic downturn is forcing businesses to tighten their belts and look for more efficient channels. This white paper focuses on the topic of data availability and management for mission-critical web applications.

Next-Generation, Low-Latency Front-Office Computing for Capital Markets

Read this white paper to learn how financial organizations can embrace a portable, standards-based architecture to create a predictable, sustainable millisecond response time environment that will increase revenue generation and opportunity optimization.

Achieving the Impossible: Unlimited App Scale

This paper focuses on the use of clustered caching to provide applications with significantly higher throughput and lower latency for data operations while retaining the appropriate levels of data quality that the applications require.

Achieving Business Agility with Application Grid

Learn how an application grid can get you greater efficiency, exceptional agility, and superior quality of service.

Bridging the IT Visibility Gap in Complex Composite Applications

Discover the benefits of a composite application or service-oriented application approach.

Performance Under Pressure: The State of Enterprise Web Application Quality and Availability

Take a look at this new, important survey that finds that Web application issues are an all-too-common problem, with at least three out of 10 saying they have experienced problems personally as end-users on a weekly basis.

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