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The business impact of BYOA: Five major challenges and how your enterprise can solve them

This E-Book reviews five major challenges of BYOA with key subject matter experts and outlines how businesses can solve them.

The BYOA Opportunity

Visual demonstration of problems that unmonitored, employee-introduced cloud apps can cause a business, and why IT managers need a solution to help and manage them.

BYOA: Embracing the Opportunity, Controlling the Risk

This whitepaper explores the shift from BYOD to BYOA (bring-your-own-application) and how IT departments today can address this new change in the IT landscape and it's impact on their environments.

AppGuru Reference Guide: Conquer BYOA Challenges, Leverage BYOA Benefits

As the advantages of Bring-Your-Own-Application environments become increasingly apparent, BYOA is quickly becoming a reality for organizations of all sizes. But with the benefits of BYOA come challenges - and that's where AppGuru comes in.

Managing applications in the age of BYOA: Reclaiming IT's strategic role

This research report delivers the information you need to manage apps and reclaim your strategic role in the enterprise.

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