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Tackling the Top Five Network Access Control Challenges

In this document we explore five common networking challenges that enterprises face-network protection, guest user access, network visibility and monitoring, application access control, and identity-based Quality of Service (QoS)-and discuss how UAC can be used to address each.

Opportunities and Challenges with the Convergence of Data Center Networks

Legacy architectures constrain today's data centers as they attempt to cope with the exponential increase in applications, servers, storage, and network traffic. By rethinking the network from the ground up, Juniper Networks provides customers with a long-term, future proof strategy to develop a single, converged data center fabric with the flexibility and performance to scale to super data centers.

Network Operating System Evolution

This paper discusses the requirements and challenges inherent in the design of a carrier-class network operating system (OS). Key facets of Juniper Networks® JUNOS® Software, Juniper's network operating system, are used to illustrate the evolution of OS design and underscore the relationship between functionality and architectural decisions.

How Operating Systems Create Network Efficiency

Lake Partners Strategy Consultants conducted research to understand the efficiencies created by different operating systems. Research included investigation of Juniper Network's operating system (JUNOS software). Lake Partners' found that in specific network areas JUNOS software creates significant and meaningful operational efficiencies. Specifically, those who perceive the most impact from JUNOS software save a total of 25% of time on common network operations tasks compared to competitive operating systems.

Data Center Survival Guide

Today's data center has become very complex and hard to manage. This drives up costs, power and cooling requirements and provisioning time. It also makes the entire network inefficient, difficult to scale and vulnerable to security breaches. The Juniper Data Center Survival Guide shows IT professionals how to survive in this increasingly complicated environment. It explains how to simplify your infrastructure and network management now with Juniper Networks®.

Continuous Systems, Nonstop Operations With Junos Software

High availability (HA) represents one of the most difficult challenges facing today's high-performance networks. Juniper calls its approach to HA "continuous systems". Learn more.

Advancing the Economics of Networking

Aging network systems and old habits have dictated how businesses spend their IT budgets. Juniper Networks® proposes to change this economic model by delivering a new family of solutions that reduce capital and operational expenses, freeing up IT budget dollars and allowing businesses to invest in innovative technologies

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