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Virtual Desktop Infrastructure: The new face of thin client computing

If you have the hardware, VDI (Virtual Desktop Infrastructure) can deliver a thin client experience similar to that of a desktop PC, but challenges remain.

Case study: Hancock Fabrics speeds up with Infinio

"Infinio lets me squeeze a little more newness out of old hardware." - James Hayes, VP IT, Hancock Fabrics

Server-side caching in NFS-based VMware environments

Infinio offloads your NAS for better performance. Get the IOPS your virtualized applications and VDI demand with no reboots, no downtime, and no new hardware.

Get SSD-class performance without SSDs - ESG brief

A few mouse clicks, no reboots, no downtime, practically no risk, and 30 minutes to faster storage. Infinio Is aiming a software solution at a hardware problem.

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