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SharePoint and ECM Working Together

The rapid adoption of Microsoft SharePoint has created confusion in many organizations as regards to their future strategy for information management, particularly those with existing and established ECM, BPM and Records Management (RM) systems. There are a number of alternative strategies that acknowledge the strengths of SharePoint for collaboration and Enterprise 2.0, whilst utilizing traditional ECM and BPM suites for secure repositories and industry optimized business processes. In this report, we have measured the current thinking amongst the AIIM user-community as regards where to use SharePoint and where to use ECM suites. We do not focus on comparing feature-sets, but more consider the enterprise implications of different SharePoint and ECM strategies, and how to combine the best of the two product types.

Enterprise Content Management for Microsoft Software: Seeing The Whole Picture

In this white paper, find out why Enterprise Content Management (ECM) can help you reduce the costs of managing all kinds of unstructured content and deliver a quick return on investment (ROI) by enabling your organization to more effectively manage content.

Secure And Compliant Collaboration And Cccess

This white paper discusses how the need for faster access to resources can enable more effective collaboration but can also create significant security and compliance challenges. The paper then describes how IBM offers an adaptable, business-driven, holistic approach to security that addresses the different risk domains across organizations.

Power to the Systems: a Cost-effective Option for Virtualization

Virtualization has moved to the forefront of many organizations’ IT agendas, because it reduces both the number of physical servers required and the associated costs.

Keep Your Data Safe

Keep your data safe and rapidly accessible

Double the Power, Half the Size: IBM System x3350

A highly-affordable, ultradense, uniprocessor server delivering power-optimized performance for non-virtualized application? Learn more in this new Product Guide today!

How IBM is leading the way in the datacenter market

IBM's Leadership in Intel Rack Servers: System x3650 M2 and System x3550 M2

Increasing Data Center Energy Efficiency with IBM & Intel Servers

Increasing Data Center Energy Efficiency with IBM & Intel Servers

IBM Cluster Solutions powered by Intel maximize total value of ownership

Productive High Performance Computing for Upstream Petroleum with the IBM Cluster Solution Powered by the Intel Xeon 5500 Processor Series

Optimizing IBM System x and BladeCenter Servers using Intel Xeon 5500 Series

Optimizing the Performance of IBM System x and BladeCenter Servers using Intel Xeon 5500 Series Processors

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