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Gilbane Group - Enterprise Adoption of XML Applications and DITA

This independent report from the Gilbane Group reveals research from organizations that have successfully deployed XML applications. The report examines the current landscape of XML applications, adoption of DITA in XML applications, stacles to broader enterprise adoption, and analyzes the external factors that are having an impact on XML-aware content strategies. Learn the business value of smart content applications.

Five CIO Challenges Addressed by Better Change Management

Addresses five of the foremost change management challenges that CIOs have to meet and how organizations can turn these challenges into a business advantage.

Sales Intelligence

This report examines how top performing companies are implementing sales intelligence initiatives to increase the quality of leads in the pipeline and contextualize opportunities with relevant industry or account information.

Demand and sales funnel analytics - how forward thinking marketing organizations deliver competitive differentiators

Source: IBM

Designed for the marketing operations manager and executive, this series of Sirius Decisions research briefs focuses on the emergence of Marketing Operations and its increasing adoption of demand and sales funnel analytics to drive best-in-class performance and deliver competitive differentiators.

Data Driven Marketing

Source: IBM

This report examines how organizations are using data to impact marketing performance and marketing effectiveness It highlights best practices from 272 organizations to identify how Best-in-Class organizations use data to achieve superior performance.

Metrics-based sales productivity – Delivering dividends for forward thinking sales organizations

Source: IBM

Designed for the sales executive, this series of Sirius Decisions research briefs focuses on the advent of metrics-based sales productivity. New approaches are being embraced and delivering dividends to forward-thinking sales organizations

Data Warehousing with DB2 for System z

Source: IBM

Data warehousing with DB2 family for IBM System z customers Discover the unique support for data warehousing and business intelligence offered by the IBM® DB2® portfolio. This white paper shows how an IBM System z® server, integrated with the IBM DB2 family of solutions, can help you meet requirements for data warehousing and business intelligence.

Create new value from System z assets, reduce costs with Web technology

Source: IBM

This update explains how IBM® System z® customers with IBM WebSphere® Portal 6.1 software are better positioned to leverage Web 2.0 technologies. With version 6.1 you can deploy applications across your enterprise, reduce costs and increase flexibility with workloads centralized on System z servers.

IBM WebSphere Portal for z/OS taps into System z

Source: IBM

This update covers recent enhancements to the IBM® WebSphere® Portal including improved performance and extensive Web 2.0 capabilities. See how to lower costs and extract value faster with more responsive, interactive and intuitive business applications from WebSphere Portal Version 6.1.

Enterprise and Web 2.0 application support in a modern mainframe environment

Source: IBM

Enterprise Web 2.0 application support from IBM IBM® WebSphere® Portal for IBM System z® software provides an efficient way for mainframe users to extend the value of their System z platform to the Web. See how this software can help you develop a Web presence based on your individual needs while unlocking value for your customers and employees.

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