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Sales Intelligence

This report examines how top performing companies are implementing sales intelligence initiatives to increase the quality of leads in the pipeline and contextualize opportunities with relevant industry or account information.

Metrics-based sales productivity - Delivering dividends for forward thinking sales organizations

Designed for the sales executive, this series of Sirius Decisions research briefs focuses on the advent of metrics-based sales productivity. New approaches are being embraced and delivering dividends to forward-thinking sales organizations

A Guide to Better Business Smarts

This expert guide from CIO, Computerworld, InfoWorld and Network World provide an overview of recent BI trends and how to leverage its most powerful features.

Ensure Your Business Stays Up And Running Through Cloud Computing

When disaster strikes, business must keep moving. Read this paper and learn how cloud computing can give you access to your data no matter what.

Five Critical Success Factors In Overcoming Workforce Disruption

Just because workforce disruptions are unexpected doesn't mean you can’t plan for them. Read this study and learn the five critical areas of your business continuity plan where IBM can help you.

Collaborative software delivery: Managing today's complex environment to improve software quality

This whitepaper discusses how an IBM® Rational® solution can help your company build better software faster, using an integrated application lifecycle management solution designed to support collaboration across distributed agile development teams.

EZ Insight: The IBM Rational Jazz Strategy for Collaborative Application Lifecycle Management

Based on research incorporating over a dozen interviews with IBM distinguished engineers, technology evangelists and customers, this report explores the Rational Jazz strategy and the first two generations of Jazz-based products.

Rational ALM Technical Audit by Butler Group

The report provides incisive and objective review covers Rational ALM products, product strategy, deployment recommendations and more.

Leveraging the Cloud to Transform Software Delivery

In this white paper, we will explain how the cloud and IBM can help you overcome challenges, ensure security, quickly meet goals and improve efficiency in your software delivery environment.

Smarter System Development

A systems engineering trade study to support green initiatives with model-driven development.

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