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The Top Five Ways to Get Started with Big Data

Despite the increased focus on big data over the past few years, most organizations are still talking about what big data is rather than focusing on what problems big data can address.

Data Warehouse Augmentation: The Queryable Data Store

While organizations have, to date, been busy exploring and experimenting, they are now beginning to focus on using big data technologies to solve business problems.

The IBM Big Data Platform

IBM is unique in having developed an enterprise class big data platform that allows you to address the full spectrum of big data business challenges. The real benefit of the platform is leverage.

Edison Group - Economic Advantages of SmartCloud Entry for Power Systems

This white paper provides an assessment of the business value of implementing IBM SmartCloud Entry for Power Systems versus comparable private cloud solutions from VMware on Intel.

Clipper: Moving to a Private Cloud? Infrastructure Really Matters!

This Clipper Group paper outlines the importance of the underlying IT infrastructure for private cloud environments and lays the groundwork for clients navigating cloud, highlighting many key aspects of a private cloud infrastructure.

IDC: Eliminate Shortcomings in Your Cloud Architecture with Smarter Storage

This white paper demonstrates how IBM Smarter Storage provides customers with an ideal, proven platform for cloud computing. IBM has a differentiated storage portfolio, including XIV, Scale Out NAS (SONAS),n SmartCloud solutions, and others.

Go from Analysis to Action on your Desktop: IBM Cognos Insight guides business analysts to faster, better outcomes

This paper explores how IBM Cognos® Insight, a breakthrough personal analytics tool, enables business managers to improve performance within their functional areas.

Geeknet: Business Analytics for Midsize Businesses: Challenges and Benefits

Business intelligence derived from sophisticated analytics can make midsize businesses be more competitive, make information--‐based decisions faster and better, improves operational efficiencies, and boosts the bottom line.

3 capabilities to fuel today's dynamic planning and forecasting

IBM Cognos software allows businesses to analyze performance, model business strategies and processes, and contribute to a common set of business objectives.

The Big Data Zoo-Taming the Beasts

According to Dr. Devlin's white paper "The Big Data Zoo-Taming the Beasts", data is still data, whether big or small. It needs to be managed effectively if organizations want to be gain value from it.

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