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Security Brief: Transforming Traditional Security

Security operations centers need advanced analytical tools that can quickly collect and shift through security data. This brief looks at the latest options and processes to speed up detection of advanced threats.

Getting Real About Management and "Big Data"

It's an exciting yet daunting time to be a security professional. Security threats are becoming more aggressive and voracious. Governments and industry bodies are getting more prescriptive around compliance.

The Big Data Security Analytics Era Is Here

Security management must be based upon continuous monitoring and data analysis for situational awareness and data-driven security decisions. Organizations have entered the era of big data security analytics.

Transforming Information Security: Future-Proofing Processes

This report provides a valuable set of recommendations from 19 of the world'd leading security officers to help organizations build security strategies for today's escalating threat landscape.

Transforming Security: Designing a State-of-the-Art Extended Team

The information security mission is no longer about implementing and operating controls.

The Big Data Security Analytics Era Is Here

New security risks and old security challenges often overwhelm legacy security controls and analytical tools.

Building an Intelligence-Driven Security Operations Center

The openness of today's networks and the growing sophistication of advanced threats make it almost impossible to prevent cyber attacks and intrusions.

Taking Charge of Security in a Hyperconnected World

In today's highly interconnected business environment, information security can no longer be an isolated endeavor: it's the responsibility of an entire business ecosystem or value-chain.

The Critical Incident Response Maturity Journey

As organizations rebalance their security defenses to combat today's sophisticated threats, they're recognizing that centralized incident response capabilities are key.

Big Data Traffic Volumes Can Mask Fraudulent Cyber Threats

Check out this informative technology dossier to explore the ins and outs of using big data analysis and web-user profiling to protect your company against cyber threats.

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