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It's Time for Small Businesses to Reap Big IT Gains

Small businesses face space and staff constraints. But they still require servers, storage, and networking to compete.

Why Dell PowerEdge VRTX for ROBO and Small Offices

Remote and branch offices, as well as small business, often have the dilemma of balancing office productivity with the complexity of providing IT services in small locations.

Virtualization with the Intel Xeon Processor: A Proof of Concept

Read this whitepaper to learn how to support approximately twice as many virtual machines for the same TCO.

A Smart Path To Virtualization

As server virtualization continues to transform the data center, enterprises have some critical decisions to make. How will they migrate to a fully virtualized environment? How should the IT infrastructure be configured for maximum business benefit? Dell is partnering with other industry leaders to build a flexible, industry-standard approach that helps simplify the transition.

A Cure for Server Sprawl

Dell Global Infrastructure Consulting helps DeKalb Medical create a virtualized server environment to eliminate up to 90 servers and reduce power consumption by an anticipated 20 percent.

Selecting Server Processors to Reduce Total Cost

Read this whitepaper to learn how you can lower TCO and increase performance.

Virtualization: Taking the Fast Track to Business Efficiency

Dell ProConsult Services, Data Center Optimization Services, and Education Services can help streamline the transition to a virtualized infrastructure.

Google: Searching for a Competitive Edge Case Study

Google achieved a competitive edge by launching a new search appliance and migrating an existing product to the latest Dell hardware; simplified the processes of designing, branding, configuring, shipping, and supporting the Google Search Appliance.

Increasing Data Center Efficiency with Server Power Measurements

Intel IT defined methods for analyzing computing energy efficiency within our design computing environment, using measurements of actual server power consumption and utilization. We used these methods to identify trends and opportunities for improving data center efficiency, and to implement a pilot project that increased data center computing capacity.

Forrester: Market Overview of Current Cloud Service Offerings from Global IT Providers

Read this whitepaper to recieve an overview of the status and strategies of some key established IT services firms in this space and to begin to answer questions for IT services decision-makers about which firms and strategies might be a good match (now and in the future).

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