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Tablet, Laptop, or Desktop - Form (Factor) Follows Function

Desktops, laptops, Ultrabooks, tablets, convertibles, and all-in-ones; suddenly hardware decisions seem a lot more complicated. To take advantage of these benefits, the savviest of IT managers have devised a plan for allocating computing devices.

The IT handbook for Windows 7 and Windows 8 migrations

A comprehensive guide for IT departments making the switch from legacy versions of Microsoft Windows to Windows 7 and Windows 8. To date, Windows 8 adoption has been fairly slow, especially in the enterprise.

7 Reasons Why Windows 8 is the Future

Touch, cloud, BYOD and IT consumerization dominate the mindshare of IT managers. Windows 8 enters the scene with a host of features that make it the right choice for enterprise computing.

Paving the Windows XP Migration Path to Success

Support for Windows XP has ended, leaving organizations with three choices: Windows 8, Windows 7 or a combination. With the right planning and processes, it is not too late to pull off a smooth and pain-free transition to a more current OS.

PC Refresh

This survey was conducted in order to determine the typical PC refresh cycle, the barriers to PC refresh, and key benefits of PC refresh. Five years in the IT business can often span a generation or more of advancements in software

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