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Acxiom Case Study

This case study, which focuses on Acxiom, explores how the company was able to secure employee data, reduce migration costs and boost productivity with the CommVault Edge software.

Windows® XP Migration: Protect and Secure Critical Data

With the end of the Microsoft Windows XP operating system's lifecycle on April 8, 2014, businesses are faced with the decision to migrate to a newer operating system or to continue with XP without continuing security updates.

Exponentially Accelerate Data Protection and Recovery with Simpana 10 IntelliSnap® Snapshot Management Technology

Are you making the best use of your storage array snapshot functionality? CommVault Simpana 10 IntelliSnap technology manages hardware-based snapshots across multiple vendor storage arrays.

Simpana IntelliSnap Technology Datasheet

With IntelliSnap you can maximize the value of your snapshot technology while dramatically reducing management overhead and complexity.

Enhancing Application Protection and Recovery with a Modern Approach to Snapshot Management

 This CommVault Business Value and Technology White Paper explains how Simpana IntelliSnap® Recovery Manager can make your application recovery fast and reliable.

Meeting Changing Information Management Needs with Next-Generation Email Archiving

Learn more about the ever-changing landscape of next-generation email archiving and gain insight about information management needs in this Info-Tech whitepaper.

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