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The value of smarter oil and gas fields

With global energy requirements continuing to rise, the exploration, development and production of new oil and gas resources are shifting to increasingly challenging sites. Meanwhile, regulations continue to tighten worldwide.

Smarter Environmental Analytics Solutions: Offshore Oil and Gas Installations Example

This IBM Redbooks® Solution Guide describes a solution for implementing smarter environmental monitoring and analytics for oil and gas industries. The solution implements real-time monitoring of environmental data to facilitate

Piecing Together the Business Intelligence Puzzle

Business intelligence (BI) technology collects and analyzes company data, delivering relevant information to corporate decision-makers in an effort to produce favorable outcomes.

Harness IT -- An Introduction to Business Intelligence Solutions

Learn the key selection criteria required to provide your organization with the capability to address structured data, unstructured data and mobile demands so that employees can view and manipulate data on their own, from virtually any location.

Business Intelligence Shows its Smarts

Today's Business Intelligence (BI) tools provide a new way to think about data with self-service capabilities and user-friendly analytics that can be used by nearly everyone.

Mobile Policy Checklist

Here's what to consider when putting together a mobile policy designed to support a highly productive workforce.

Mobile Applications Case Study: 8 Billion Transactions a Day

The story documents how the online brokerage company tradeMONSTER created a custom mobile app and the success gleaned from this initiative. Also covered are the five things to help assure solid ROI from a mobile application strategy.

Securing BYOD

Mobile computing is becoming so ubiquitous that people no longer bat an eye seeing someone working two devices simultaneously. Individuals and organizations are responding to the capabilities and flexibility that mobile devices provide.

The Case for Mobile Apps

Today's mobile apps turn handheld devices into e-book readers, portable navigation systems, digital wallets and more. And for organizations with mobile workers, they boost productivity by allowing easy access to resources and applications.

Mobile Expense Management--Picking up the Money on the Ground

Integrating and managing mobility expenses across multiple carriers can generate savings and improve organizational decision making.

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