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Q&A: Preparing the Data Center for Virtualization and Cloud Computing

The first objective is to provide quality of service to virtual machines that is consistent with what we have been able to provide in manually configured, single-application environments. The second objective is to provide persistence of connectivity so that when a virtual machine moves between compute nodes, the connections and resources within the network will automatically follow the virtual machine to its new compute location. And the third objective is to provide tools for monitoring the performance levels being delivered and reporting back to end users so they can be sure they’re actually receiving what they’re paying for.

Facilitating a Holistic Virtualization Solution for the Data Center

An organization’s ability to improve agility, reduce costs, and improve efficiencies hinges on building a powerful, flexible IT infrastructure that gives employees the tools and information they need to react quickly to changing market conditions. Brocade extraordinary networks provide a scalable, reliable, and high-performance foundation to save money and extend virtualization throughout the data center.

Yankee Group: The Virtual Enterprise Requires a Network That Is More than “Good Enough”

This report provides an overview of how virtualization is transforming organizations, describes the role the network plays and provides some practical advice on how IT decision-makers should evaluate network solution partners to support virtual computing.

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