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Public Cloud Flexibility, Private Cloud Security

Cloud apps are a priority for every business, but they also increase the potential for corporate data to leak, raising compliance and security concerns for IT. A primary concern is how to secure and control access to data saved in cloud applications.

Cloud Adoption Report

Who's got SaaS and what holds others back? The hard facts on SaaS adoption in over 80,000 enterprises: Public vs. private companies; Mid-market vs. large enterprise; GoogleApps, Office365, Salesforce & more; Why security is a growing concern.

Data Leakage, Regulatory Compliance & BYOD

Employees use mobile devices in their personal lives because they are easy to use--from anywhere at anytime. Learn more about compliance with HIPAA and other regulations on BYOD.

Data Leakage Prevention via Watermarking

Many businesses are adopting cloud applications that offer flexibility and cost savings relative to applications hosted on-site. However, employees are more mobile and need access to work applications on their personal and company-issued devices.

Move Forward with Cloud and Mobile Securely

How do you secure mobile and cloud while respecting employee privacy? This whitepaper explores the limitations of existing security solutions on the market and explores an entirely new approach where both IT and employees win.

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