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Estimating a Data Center's Electrical Carbon Footprint

Data center owners will be increasingly challenged to report their carbon emissions. This paper introduces a simple approach, supported by free web-based tools, for estimating the carbon footprint of a data center anywhere in the world.

Virtualization: Optimized Power and Cooling to Maximize Benefits

Data centers are routinely and unknowingly missing a great portion of their entitlement from virtualization. Beyond virtualization's undisputed IT benefits - from reduced rack footprint to disaster recovery - is the parallel story of a substantial benefit from optimizing the physical infrastructure that supports it.

Cooling Ultra-High Density Racks and Blade Servers

Rack power creates cooling challenges. Read this paper to review five strategies for deploying ultra-high power racks and practical solutions for both new and existing data centers.

Implementing Energy Efficient Data Centers

This paper explains how to quantify the electricity savings and provides examples of methods that can greatly reduce electrical power consumption.

Data Center Projects: Standardized Process

This paper presents an overview of a standardized, step-by-step process methodology that can be adapted and configured to suit individual requirements.

Energy Efficient Cooling for Data Centers

This article discusses the efficiency benefits of row-based cooling compared to two other common cooling architectures.

An Improved Architecture for High-Efficiency, High-Density Data Centers

This paper describes the principles of a new, commercially available data center architecture that can be implemented today to dramatically improve the electrical efficiency of data centers.

Data Center Infrastructure: Optimizing Business Value

To stay competitive in today's rapidly changing business world, companies must update the way they view the value of their investment in data center physical infrastructure (DCPI). Learn more.

Cooling Strategies for IT Wiring Closets and Small Rooms

Cooling for IT wiring closets is rarely planned and typically only implemented after failures or overheating occur. This paper describes the science and practical application of an improved method for the specification of cooling for wiring closets.

Guidelines for Specification of Data Center Power Density

This paper describes the science and practical application of an improved method for the specification of power and cooling infrastructure for data centers.

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