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5 Architecture Issues that Impact BES performance

Are your end users experiencing slow mail delivery? Are there some days where email gets delivered to the BlackBerry device before Outlook, and other days where email doesn't get delivered at all?

How to Reduce Eclipse BIRT Development Effort for Data Visualizations

Web applications can come with a long list of visualization requirements for structured data. By delivering your output through the BIRT Interactive Viewer, you can create a single BIRT design that meets multiple requirements.


IBM & Intel Video on New Generation of X86 servers

Source: IBM

Create a more dynamic infrastructure using the power of Intel


Making the Business Case and ROI for Cloud

In this webinar, SOA and Cloud experts David Linthicum and Layer 7’s Scott Morrison will help take the mystery out of understanding the business case and ROI around cloud computing and governance. Executives and architects who need to understand and convey to others the business case for cloud and its governance should attend this session. It will discuss how SOA patterns are repeated in the cloud, and the core value that governance provides in making sure your enterprise assets work and play well together.


Sun OpenSSO Enterprise Webinar

This webinar replay discusses Sun OpenSSO Enterprise innovation—the single, open-source solution that helps your business solve the challenges around internal access management, extranet authentication, federation, and secure Web services to take capabilities to the next level.


IDC Webcast: Linux in a Global Recession

Discover why Linux has emerged as an even more valuable solution during the downtime by enabling cost reduction and greater agility in thsi on-demand webcast.

Dynamic Infrastructure Worldwide Virtual Forum

Are you ready to thrive on a smarter planet?

Agile Enterprise Content Management (ECM) for Rapid ROI


BPM ROI calculator

This tool helps demonstrate the value of implementing Enterprise Content Management (ECM) and Business Process Management (BPM).

IBM FileNet BPM - Application Simulator

Learn how to lower IT development costs today!

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