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Best Practices for Developing Model Based Embedded Software with Bruce Douglas

This webcast presents an easy to follow process that you can use to capture requirements and specify a system architecture.


Leverage requirements engineering best practices to develop successful automotive systems

Learn best practices in requirements engineering!


Should your product development process change to meet the new market challenges?

Learn new ways to manage market challenges!


Requirements Engineering for Automotive - A customer's experience

Tune into this interview with Mark Cund, independent automotive systems and software engineering consultant.


Developing Smarter Systems: A new approach to conducting systems engineering trade studies

Develop a new approach to conducting systems engineering trade studies today!


Product Innovation: Getting it right earlier

Learn how to use the emerging practice of model driven systems development methodologies and tools today!


Requirements Engineering for Successful Systems Development

Ensure emerging customer and marketplace needs today. View this webcast now!


Tough Times, Tough Choices (featuring Focal Point)

Extend your knowledge on how to focus on value as you make tough choices, in tough market and business conditions using IBM solutions. View this on-demand webcast today!

How to Reduce Eclipse BIRT Development Effort for Data Visualizations

Web applications can come with a long list of visualization requirements for structured data. By delivering your output through the BIRT Interactive Viewer, you can create a single BIRT design that meets multiple requirements.

Making the Business Case and ROI for Cloud

In this webinar, SOA and Cloud experts David Linthicum and Layer 7’s Scott Morrison will help take the mystery out of understanding the business case and ROI around cloud computing and governance. Executives and architects who need to understand and convey to others the business case for cloud and its governance should attend this session. It will discuss how SOA patterns are repeated in the cloud, and the core value that governance provides in making sure your enterprise assets work and play well together.

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