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Why more decision makers purchase SaaS solutions

See how trends in software as a service are growing as line of business owners move toward cloud and SaaS solutions for their teams.

How Organizations Manage Cloud and SaaS

See how trends in cloud migration with software as a service, SaaS, can increase user and IT administrator productivity, simplify management and contain costs.

Princess Cruises collaborates across the globe in the IBM cloud

This video explains how IBM and the Cloud helped the company rapidly scale its infrastructure and respond to the growing need to collaborate across their globally diverse enterprise.

The Benefits of Cloud Lifecycle Management

Listen to learn more about Cloud Lifecycle Management, the value it provides and how to choose a management solution that works best for the business.

Is This My Cloud?

Find out how to determine who will be using the cloud, and how involving those users in the cloud planning and design process will ensure the end result is what they need.

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