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Expert Guidance on Next-Gen Data Protection

A fundamental change is necessary to fix data protection. It requires the adoption of a modern architecture that has been designed to solve today's complex problems, as well as provide a highly scalable platform for the future.

The Key to Happiness: Throw out Your Data Warehouse

In this webinar, Kerry Reitnauer, Director, Solution Architect at FairPoint Communications will discuss the challenges the data warehouse brought, how they migrated to the virtual warehouse solution and more.

The Next Generation of Big Data: New IBM Information Management Cloud Solutions

Learn about IBM's new and expanded Information Management capabilities now delivered in the cloud, including: Hadoop based analytics, stream processing, in-memory computing, data management, and information integration and governance.

A Practical Path to the Cloud with Gravitant

Gravitant cuts through the complexity of cloud with its cloud brokerage and management software, cloudMatrix. With the solution, you have the ability to design, order, provision and control IT resources across public, private and hybrid cloud.

The End of Data Protection As We Know It. Introducing a Next Generation Data Protection Architecture.

Traditional backup is going away, but where does this leave end-users?

Data loss prevention

InfoWorld contributing editor Roger Grimes explains the technologies and best practices you need to keep sensitive data safe within your enterprise's boundaries - and ensure only authorized employees gain access.


The Business Impact of a Workshifting Culture: Corporate America and the Mobile Workforce

Watch this informative Webinar with Justin Levy, General Manager of New Marketing Labs and 15-year workshifting veteran. Levy will discuss the evolution of corporate culture and how your company can prepare for an increasingly distributed workforce.


Leveraging Social Media as a Support Channel

Source: Citrix Online

Watch this on-demand webinar to hear John Ragsdale, VP of technology research at Technology Services Industry Association (TSIA), share the advantages and risks of embracing social media for support, as well as data from TSIA's social media survey.


2010 Roadmap for Remotely Supporting a Mobile Workforce

Source: Citrix Online

Watch this on-demand webinar to here proven strategies for driving the delivery of reliable and cost-effective remote support for 2010 and beyond.


3 Steps to Transform Your Data Center

Taking the time to consider and evaluate network design principles today can ensure a next-generation data center for the future. Join Robert Whiteley, V.P. and Research Director at Forrester Research, for this Webcast on transforming your data center. Robert will discuss the critical networking trends that will affect the way you build your data center and provide a 3 step transformation formula.

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