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The Smart Route to Windows 7

Join IDC analyst Al Gillen as he presents findings from "Windows 7 Done Right: Efficiency from Migration to Implementation" to demonstrate how planning and using the right tools can dramatically improve the Windows 7 environment, reduce security and backup concerns and automate the migration process.


Guiding iPhone into the business world

Apart from being a very cool device, the iPhone can serve as a powerful business tool whose ease of use makes it a crowd favorite among end users. This legal services firm partnered with Citrix to carefully manage the iPhone into mainstream business applications.


The Right Partners, The Right Platforms

Hardware platforms are not all created alike. The partnership between AMD and HP that yielded the 6005 series platform is proof-positive that a platform can rise above the others in terms of reliability, features, and price/performance. In fact the HP Compaq 6005 Pro Business PC is a sterling example of 'high end capabilities without the high end price,' while being optimized for today's most demanding applications.

Data in Action: Effective data management for smarter outcomes

Join Donald Feinberg, VP and Distinguished Analyst at 11:00 am ET to hear the Current Trends in the Data Management Market. Stick around for a chance to ask him your questions during the live Q&A session.


IBM & Intel Video on New Generation of X86 servers

Source: IBM

Create a more dynamic infrastructure using the power of Intel


Making the Business Case and ROI for Cloud

In this webinar, SOA and Cloud experts David Linthicum and Layer 7’s Scott Morrison will help take the mystery out of understanding the business case and ROI around cloud computing and governance. Executives and architects who need to understand and convey to others the business case for cloud and its governance should attend this session. It will discuss how SOA patterns are repeated in the cloud, and the core value that governance provides in making sure your enterprise assets work and play well together.

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