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How to Detect SQL Injection & XSS Attacks using SIEM Event Correlation

SQL injection attacks and cross-site scripting attacks continue to impact thousands of websites and millions of users each year. Finding these exposures quickly is essential in order to prevent system compromise and avoid information leakage.

How to Leverage Log Data for Effective Threat Detection

In this on-demand webcast, learn practical strategies for defining what you actually need to collect (and why) to help you improve threat detection and incident response, and satisfy compliance requirements.

Get Real-time Threat Detection Starting on Day 1 with AlienVault USM

AlienVault Unified Security Management™ (USM) integrates SIEM with built-in tools for intrusion detection, asset discovery, vulnerability assessment and behavioral monitoring to give you a unified, real-time view of threats in your environment.

PCI DSS v3.0: How to Adapt your Compliance Strategy

With version 3.0 of PCI DSS now available, it's time to review your compliance strategy and make a plan for adapting to the revised requirements.

Six Steps to SIEM Success

In this webinar, we cover the six key steps every IT practitioner should take to go from installation to insight as quickly as possible with a SIEM solution.

May 14, 2014 - LIVE AT 10:00 AM PT

Enhance Your Virtualization Infrastructure With IBM and Vmware

Date: Wednesday, May 14, 2014, 1:00 PM EDT

Virtualization technology is now expanding beyond the server compute elements to encompass networking and storage aspects as well

Inside Mashery API Management

A successful API program needs to be relevant to your business, drive value and allow you to plan for growth. To run a successful program, you need to be able to do three key things. Learn more.

Don't be a SOA-sauraus

Enterprise IT faces a new kind of tension: the API economy on the one hand, and SOA on the other, where tight governance is the name of the game. View more.

API Business Models: 20 Models in 30 Minutes

John Musser, CEO of API Science, discusses the progression of API business models and offers examples of companies that have successfully matched their strategy with the appropriate model.

Coca-Cola Enterprises: Mobile Enterprise Supply Chain Integration

Hear Kevin Flowers, CTO of Coca-Cola Enterprises talk about how they adapted to the consumerization of IT by customizing their IT through APIs, while staying true to their architecture.

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