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Accelerate your innovation with IBM Bluemix™

Join us for a webcast introducing the new IBM BluemixTM. IBM Bluemix (www.bluemix.net) is a developer oriented Platform as a Service (PaaS) environment that is based on the Cloud Foundry open source project.

Sametime 9.0 Demo

Showcasing a simplified user interface for desktop, web and mobile clients, IBM® Sametime® V9.0 is energizing today's enterprise with high definition, real-time communications.

IBM Global SaaS Study Video

This video introduces the IBM Global SaaS study conducted by the Center for Applied Insights. The study reveals how companies are using Software as a Service for better decision making, increased collaboration, and market-focused agility.

Princess Cruises collaborates across the globe in the IBM cloud

Norm Ayers, Director of Emergency Response and Social Projects at Princess Cruises explains how IBM and Cloud helped the company rapidly scale its infrastructure and respond to the growing need to collaborate across their globally diverse enterprise.

Brunswick Moves Messaging and Collaboration to the IBM cloud

Gerry Orten, Jr, Electronic Messaging Manager at Brunswick talks about why Brunswick moved to the IBM cloud.

SafeGuard World International Collaborates in the IBM Cloud

Cynthia Foster describes how SafeGuard uses an integrated IBM and Trilog Group SaaS solution to collaborate with people inside and outside their organization and to scale and deploy infrastructure in response to their growth.

IBM Cloud SaaS solutions: Enabling IT innovation

SaaS puts the customer in the driver seat -- and that's the way it should be. With SaaS solutions on IBM Cloud, companies receive a flexible platform for fast implementation through a cost-effective approach.

A Pacesetter Perspective: How SaaS is Fueling Powerful Competitive Advantage

A recent global SaaS study found that 47 percent of the cloud leaders surveyed discovered how SaaS can help them achieve competitive advantage.

IBM Cloud: Accelerate business with Software as a Service

The IBM Cloud offers more than 100 software as a service solutions, helping to accelerate business and allow teams to work smarter.

IBM Advanced Case Management Knowledge Vault

Empower your knowledge workers to deliver better case outcomes. Visit the IBM Advanced Case Management Knowledge Vault to learn more.

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