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HP DevOps KnowledgeVault

This interactive resource focuses on the evolution taking place in the world of software development, specifically the Agile development framework, and the gap that's arisen between the development teams and the operations team.

Capitalizing on IT Operations Intelligence Knowledge Vault

Visit this information-packed resource center for tips and best practices that can help you discover the value of analytics.

The Effect of Virtualization on Networking

Virtualization offers a host of benefits, but it also increases complexity. A new depth of understanding is required, particularly in configuring virtualization hosts to maximize reliability, bandwidth, and ease of management. With proper configuration, virtual servers can enjoy the same basic network resources as physical servers did in days gone by.


The Right Partners, The Right Platforms

Hardware platforms are not all created alike. The partnership between AMD and HP that yielded the 6005 series platform is proof-positive that a platform can rise above the others in terms of reliability, features, and price/performance. In fact the HP Compaq 6005 Pro Business PC is a sterling example of 'high end capabilities without the high end price,' while being optimized for today's most demanding applications.


BRM: What You Can Do To Reduce Risk In Challenging Times

Businesses cannot eliminate risks entirely, but they may reduce the probability of these types of events bringing operations to a halt with business risk mitigation, a method of addressing business risk.

Data Center Eco-Nomics

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