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Service-Enabling CICS Applications: Best Practices

This informative webcast provides an informed, thorough look into CICS service-enablement options and how they can affect your environment. You'll learn how to get the most from your CICS applications without compromising the best possible outcome.

Making Legacy Apps Available to Your Mobile Workforce

How is your IT organization responding to the mobility revolution? With Verastream, you can give your mobile workforce the same functionality they have on their desktops, without rebuilding the applications you already have.

Workforce Mobilization for Improved Productivity

A mobility research director from Aberdeen discusses reasons for extending legacy applications to mobile devices, and an integration strategist from Attachmate shows how easy it can be.

Modernizing Legacy Mainframe Applications for Fun and Profit

Discover the fastest, simplest way to webify host applications and streamline navigation for internal and external users. Watch this three-minute video podcast on web enablement.

Teaching Legacy Application Elephants How to Dance

This four-minute video podcast shows how you can create services to continuously reuse enterprise applications, however and whenever needed, while leaving legacy logic untouched.

Defining the New Mobile Enterprise

See how Attachmate Verastream provides robust access to enterprise applications - in any format, for any user, from any device.

Freightliner Uses Verastream to Simplify Mainframe Processes

This UK-based freight transporter automated EDI messaging and rolled out real-time online tracking, generating 2 million customer messages per year.

PPG Company Uses Verastream to Web-Enable Host Functionality

PPG subsidiary LYNX achieved 3270 and 5250 integration using Verastream. They quickly extended legacy functions to the web for internal and external users, with no impact to existing mainframe applications.

Government Agency Webifies Outdated COBOL Applications

Let this CTO tell you how his agency converted 1980s-era green screens into an e-filing portal for the 100,000 cases handled each year by a county department.

Unlocking and Service-Enabling Legacy Mainframe Assets

Whether your strategy calls for full-blown SOA, quick-turnaround mobile applications, or anything in between, Verastream Host Integrator can help.

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