July 31, 2008

Test Center preview: VMware Fusion 2 Beta 2

Fresh Fusion beta proves snappy and strong with multiple and automated snapshots, VM to host folder mapping, Unity for Linux, and smoother guest installation

July 9, 2008

Microsoft vs. VMware: Rumble in the virtual world

As Hyper-V marks Microsoft's entry into virtualization, market leader VMware must consider new strategies for survival against the software behemoth

June 23, 2008

Test Center review: Microsoft's Hyper-V does the trick

Microsoft's next-generation server virtualization solution falls short versus VMware's VI3, but has the right stuff for less demanding, Windows-centric environments

April 10, 2008

Preview: VMware Workstation 6.5 beta surges ahead

Seamless windowing, easy Windows VM creation, accelerated 3-D video, and integrated ACE support headline a must-have upgrade

February 25, 2008

Product review: Windows Server 2008 is the host with the most, and the perfect guest

Microsoft's slimmer and stronger server OS, bolstered by virtualization, networking, and security advances, is an upgrade that IT can't refuse, a 200-pound gorilla that eats commercial Linux

February 4, 2008

Product review: VMware pumps up VI3

ESX Server 3.5 and VirtualCenter 2.5 upgrades boost scalability and add handy new features; integrated tools for capacity planning, VM patching, and storage management fill important gaps, but wrinkles and loose ends remain

January 14, 2008

BEA WebLogic VE brings virtualization to the application server

Our product review reveals that WebLogic Server Virtual Edition is a bold innovation that effectively leverages VMware server virtualization but is currently hampered by a lack of management tools

December 19, 2007

Next-gen virtualization from Microsoft

Preview: Microsoft's Hyper-V platform has an easy install, wizard-based VM creation, a few rough patches, and a couple of hard edges

December 17, 2007

Open source VirtualBox challenges VMware Workstation

Version 1.5 of extensible, modular desktop VM platform shines with unique virtualization features

December 12, 2007

Preview: VMware Infrastructure 3 update builds on the base

VI3 with ESX Server 3.5 and VirtualCenter 2.5 beefs up server virtualization management with automated patching, virtual disk migration, planning and migration wizardry, and distributed power management; embedded ESX shows purple in the late beta

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