December 5, 2005

Why IT gives business a competitive edge

Smart companies like JetBlue, NetFlix, and BNSF Railway are reaping sustained rewards by weaving IT into the fabric of their business

November 30, 2005

2005 survey spots trends in software development

Java, C#, and modeling gain momentum, while testing and QA are still widely lacking

November 28, 2005

No. 10: Predictive patching

Patches are a fact of life -- and a common cause of problems, so test them before you deploy them

November 28, 2005

No. 6: Winding up your Web servers

With just a few settings, you can adjust your Web server to match traffic volume and serve up those pages faster

November 28, 2005

No. 2: Speed up those queries

Clunky queries put the brakes on performance. Diagnostic tools and fine tuning can make a major difference

November 21, 2005

Use metrics to prove your IT project's worth

Is your IT project a dog or a delight? It all depends on how you measure it -- and who's doing the measuring

November 21, 2005

How to survive a doomed project

Sulking about the inevitable won't get you anywhere, but some skillful spinning just might

November 17, 2005

When mainframes make sense

For some companies, the costs and challenges of migration make sticking with Big Iron a no-brainer

November 17, 2005

Is it time to scrap your Big Iron?

Mainframes have a storied history in the enterprise, but today's distributed server environments could herald the final chapter

November 7, 2005

Making SOA work

Four companies explain how they met the challenge of implementing service-oriented architecture

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