May 7, 2007

Yet another cleaning lady story

Stupid user trick No. 2: Server room. Windex. Zot

April 26, 2007

Multilingual filers shatter storage-standard barriers

Competing file sharers from Adaptec, Celeros, Dell, and NetApp speak iSCSI, NFS, and CIFS

March 19, 2007

APC's good Big Brother

Capable NetBotz monitoring system usefully combines multiple sensors and surveillance

February 19, 2007

12 crackpot tech ideas that could transform the enterprise

These technologies straddle the divide between harebrained and brilliant as they promise to shake the pillars of tomorrow's enterprise

January 29, 2007

Women in technology: A call to action

Righting the ongoing workforce imbalance is vital for the long-term health and success of IT

January 29, 2007

Back to school: Getting girls into IT

Industry leaders are initiating programs geared toward getting girls and young women involved in technology

January 29, 2007

Activism provides competitive advantage for IT

Capitalize on the intangible skills women have to offer by making them a central part of your IT team

January 15, 2007

Blade server shoot-out: Dell vs. HP vs. Sun

InfoWorld's head-to-head comparison proves blade servers are sharp enough for enterprise use

January 1, 2007

Apple's Intel migration

The leap to dual-core Woodbridge sets the stage for Leopard 

January 1, 2007

Storage: Hardware takes a backseat

Intelligent data management grabs the wheel of the enterprise

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