May 23, 2008

Lab test: Sun's X4150 shows the beef

The Sun Fire X4150, with four Intel cores, fast drives, and oodles of I/O, brings surprising heft and sizzling performance to a 1U frame

May 6, 2008

Xserve: Apple's little big iron

Eight-core Harpertown Xserve has all of the advantages of a big iron Unix server, made simple and affordable

March 27, 2008

Lab test: Sun’s octo-core SPARC is made to multitask

Sun SPARC Enterprise T5120, sporting eight cores with eight threads each, shines at virtualization and heavily threaded applications

March 3, 2008

How to make the iPhone work at work

Execs and users are clamoring for you to biz-enable their iPhones. Here’s how to say "yes" in a rational way

January 31, 2008

Product review: Synology Cube Station breaks the low-end NAS wide open

The size of a paint can, the CS407 houses 4TB of RAID 5 storage, speaks almost any file sharing protocol you might think of using, and its embedded Linux OS is open to additions; on the downside, its breadth of capabilities will tempt you to overload its somewhat meager system resources

January 3, 2008

HP c3000 BladeSystem strikes with precision

Compact and powerful system stands tall above traditional servers and storage devices

December 3, 2007

Stratus' fault-tolerant, RHEL juggernaut

The Stratus ftServer 4400 is big, pricey, standard Linux, and unstoppable, surviving dire hardware failures without a hiccup

September 27, 2007

Sun's newest server: Dynamite comes in small packages

Sun Blade 6000 offers plenty of bang for the buck

September 24, 2007

On the road to the virtual desktop

Windows application virtualization and streaming solutions from Microsoft, Symantec, and Thinstall are laying the groundwork for a subscription-based, click 'n' run future. Imagining the possibilities, we put them through a simple SaaS performance test

September 24, 2007

Purdue pursues long-term cost savings

Deep cost analyses, including licensing costs, lead the university to believe the benefits will mainly be in easier administration

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