June 9, 2008

Does sandbox security really protect your desktop?

InfoWorld's tests question vendor claims of meaningfully improved security, though not everyone agrees

June 4, 2008

Oracle Database 11g shoots the moon

Oracle's enormous 11g release rumbles with an impressive array of performance and management aids, elegant application testing, standbys that earn their keep, and the promise of lower storage requirements

May 30, 2008

Product review: Titus Labs helps stop e-mail slips

Titus Labs Message Classification proves an easy and flexible way to enforce data sensitivity labeling in Outlook

May 27, 2008

Open source on the wire

It’s already on your servers, why not running your network?

May 21, 2008

ZoneAlarm ForceField: Compromised in sixty seconds

Check Point's virtualized browser security client, like would-be panaceas before it, fails to live up to the hype

April 9, 2008

Lab test: Tumbleweed MailGate

Tumbleweed's unique admin features, strong filtering, and good value make it worth a close look

April 9, 2008

Lab test: Symantec Mail Security

Symantec scores big with first-rate filtering, superior ease, good enterprise-class features, and a low price compared to top rivals

April 9, 2008

Lab test: Sendio I.C.E. Box

Sendio's challenge/response mechanism is extremely effective against spam, but not so effective in handling bulk mail users want to receive

April 9, 2008

Lab test: Secure Computing IronMail E-Mail Gateway

Secure Computing’s IronMail comes with an excellent spam catch rate, a broad set of strong security features, and a pricing structure favorable to large organizations

April 9, 2008

Lab test: Proofpoint Messaging Security Gateway

Proofpoint offers a high spam catch rate and a plethora of options for protecting corporate data and ensuring regulatory compliance, at a premium price

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