January 5, 2009

iPhone applications get down to business

InfoWorld picks the best iPhone apps for connecting with business systems and boosting mobile productivity

September 2, 2008

Your own private YouTube

Review: Google Video adds easy video-sharing to Google's cloud-based business collaboration tools

July 15, 2008

Test Center review: Office killers pack some heat

Cloud-based Google Docs and Zoho, as well as desktop-bound IBM Lotus Symphony and OpenOffice.org, put Microsoft's productivity suite on notice

April 14, 2008

Fat, fatter, fattest: Microsoft's kings of bloat

Our tests show that Windows Vista and Office 2007 not only smash Redmond's previous records for weight gain, but given the same hardware diet, run at less than half the speed of generation XP

December 10, 2007

Microsoft Office Live Workspaces misses the mark

Microsoft’s new online document sharing solution is intuitive, useful, and free, but offers little innovation and a stale feature set

September 6, 2007

SaaSy eXpresso gives a jolt to Excel workgroups

Smooth collaboration service enables Excel file sharing, provides change alerts, and offers compliance auditing

July 30, 2007

Weird tech: Raw fish ID

RFID, event-processing software ensure fresh, demand-driven sushi

June 11, 2007

Parallels for Mac cozies up to Vista

Parallels for Desktop 3.0 improves on a good thing with 3D graphics acceleration, snapshots, and usability tweaks

April 9, 2007

What the enterprise can learn from consumer technologies

Hone your competitive edge by appropriating what it takes to win over end-users in the consumer space

March 1, 2007

Deploying Microsoft Office 2007

Despite what you might hear, the process is trickier than you might hope

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